How I Edit My Photos

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Location: Lizard’s Mouth Trail (Santa Barbara, CA)

“Lizard’s Mouth is a mountain top rock formation overlooking Santa Barbara. Wind-carved pockets on the underside of this sandstone outcropping give the rock a resemblance to a frog or lizard’s mouth. The short hike to Lizard’s Mouth offers sensational views and is a quick excursion for anyone traveling the 154 between Santa Barbara and Lake Cachuma or Los Olivos.”

Lizard's Mouth Hike

I had a few questions about how I take/edit my photos so I thought I would share that here with some photos from a hike I did last month in Santa Barbara to Lizard’s Mouth. I take 100% of my photos with my iPhone (5s) and edit them using the A Color Story app. I only use the features that come with the free version of the app, but there are all sorts of extra filters, tools, and effects you can purchase. These were all done with the free version. I usually will use a combination of a few of the different filters at a max of 50% each, and then go in a adjust the saturation, contrast, brightness, etc.


Lizard's Mouth Hike Scene Before


Lizard's Mouth Hike Scene After

Sometimes I’ll use the curves tool to add or subtract certain colors (usually just blue or red) from certain portions of the photo.


Lizard's Mouth Hike Santa Barbara Before


Lizard's Mouth Hike Santa Barbara After

You can even change the colors somewhat significantly by playing around with the curves tool and “color fog” effect.


Lizard's Mouth Hike Sunset Before


Lizard's Mouth Hike Sunset After

I’m obviously not an expert and there are people that can do such crazy things with this app, but I wanted to show that it’s possible to get pretty good photos from a relatively older phone using only free apps 🙂

Here’s the top of the hike. Can you see the “lizard’s mouth”?

Lizard's Mouth Hike Rock Formation

All photos are owned by Amanda Kritzberg and may not be used without permission.