Just Added! New Batch Of Mini Pineapples

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I just added a few new mini pineapple paintings to the shop. You can see which ones are still available here.

My favorite one from this batch is “Mini Pineapple in Summer Glow”, which was inspired by the colors of a summer sunset.

Mini Pineapple in Summer Glow_Pineapple Art by Amanda Kritzberg

“Mini Pineapple in Gilded Gold” is another unique one to this batch. It was tricky to capture in a photo, but the gold paint has a metallic, shimmery quality that really shines in the right light.

Mini Pineapple in Gilded Gold

I also added another traditional-colored one.

Mini Pineapple in Traditional Golden_Pineapple Art

As usual, these are all originals so there is only one of each available. Check out the shop here to see what is still available for purchase, or customize your own here.