Daylong Daydreams X Your Personal Crafter Reusable Greeting Cards (Fall and Winter Collection)

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Today I’m sharing with you my new collection of reusable greeting cards that I created for Your Personal Crafter.

Pumpkin patch art by Amanda Kritzberg

Back in April we released a collection of Spring/Summer cards, so it only made sense to design another collection for Winter/Fall.

Snowman Christmas Card

So what makes these greeting cards reusable?

Your Personal Crafter Reusable Greeting Cards

Every card has a 5-page notepad glued inside, so you can use the top page and then your recipient can reuse and re-gift the card. If each gifter uses one page each, one card can be re-gifted 5 times! Every card has a unique code added after printing to track the card’s journey (by zipcode) at

Reusable Greeting Card

Check out these and many, many more in the shop here.