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These photos are from my recent commission, titled “Evolve”. The name came about because the painting went through so many different transformations and versions before it “evolved” into the final version that is now off to its new home.

Evolve - Original artwork by Amanda Kritzberg

The client asked for a color scheme of white/gray/black with a big, red accent, and some metallic silver to give the painting a shimmery quality when the light hits it.

They also requested that the painting has some three-dimensional textures, particularly in the big red accent.

Evolve - Original artwork by Amanda Kritzberg

I know that the process of commissioning a painting can be intimidating for some people, so I’m working on a post that will walk you through the process. I want it to be simple and fun for you to create a piece of your own.

If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to email me at daylongdaydreams@gmail.com.