How To Commission A Large Abstract Painting

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I had a couple questions from people about how to commission a large abstract painting, so I thought I would share a post with some information on the process. I hope this will help make it easy and fun for you to commission a painting of your own!

Evolve - Original artwork by Amanda Kritzberg

I’ll start out by asking you what size painting you had in mind/the size of the space. You’ll need to measure your space beforehand to get an idea of the dimensions, but we can then talk about it and see what we think will fit best based on the sizes that canvases traditionally come in. I usually will use a canvas that is already stretched across the wood frame so that it is ready to hang when it arrives. I paint the edges of the canvas as well to form a continuous pattern, so you don’t need to frame it if you don’t want to.

I’ll ask you what colors/color scheme you had it mind. You can get as specific as you like, whether that’s just naming a color or two that you like or sending images/samples with specific shades that you want to see. Please remember though that colors can appear different depending on an individual’s monitor/device, so the final painting may not be identical to what you provide.

I’ll ask you to take a look at my page with large abstract paintings here and the full portfolio with a lot of smaller abstracts here and let me know if there are any patterns/colors/textures that you would like to see in your painting. There’s no pressure to pick something, but it’s a good way for me to get an idea of any particular things you might have in mind.

Any other comments regarding what you want to see would be very helpful as well. Do you want something very simple and minimal? Or bright and busy? You can feel free to include any photos or images you like too. Again, there’s no pressure to come up with ideas if you don’t have anything in particular in mind already.

I’ll provide you with a quick “sketch” of what I had in mind before starting the real painting to see if you have any comments/suggestions.

The cost for these paintings is approximately 50 cents a square inch, but I’m happy to offer flexibility/discuss what is affordable for you, especially as I’m in the early stages of building my portfolio. If you are not local you will need to pay for shipping as well.

If you are interested in commissioning a painting or have any questions please just send me a message at I look forward to hearing from you!