Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween! We decided to dress up as pirates this year for a Halloween party over the weekend. Scroll down for instructions on how to make the spooky spiders (no baking required).

Halloween pirate costume details

Halloween pirate costume

Halloween Dessert

Spooky Spider Dessert:

What you’ll need:

  • Oreos (I used the double-stuffed kind to make it easier to stick the legs and fangs in).
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Candy corn
  • White icing
  • Mini chocolate chips


  • Remove the top cookie from the Oreo.
  • Break 3 pretzels in half, and press three halves into the frosting on each side of the Oreo to create the legs.
  • Cut two candy corn in half, and press the two top halves into the frosting to make the fangs. Discard (or eat!) the remaining lower halves.
  • Add some icing to the bottom of the cookie you removed in the first step and stick it back on the frosting, on top of the legs and fangs.
  • Add two blobs of icing on top for eyes, and place a small chocolate chip in the center.

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